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Shorten Your Commute to Summer Fun

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Shorten Your Commute to Summer Fun

Why choose above ground?

There are many reasons for getting a backyard pool. Maybe you want to make memories with family and friends while splashing in the backyard. Possibly you are looking to improve your health. Perhaps you long to relax after a long workday in the comfort of your own backyard. But if cost and space make an inground swimming pool not possible in your foreseeable future, maybe an above ground pool is the solution.

Above ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious styles. Many can be enjoyed year round. Above ground pools also use many of the energy efficient features popular with inground models such as saltwater systems, solar heating systems and covers. It is also possible to give your pool a feeling of more permanence and easier accessibility by building a decking surround for your above ground pool. Like inground pools, many shapes and sizes options are available for above ground pools, so the possibilities to display personal styles are endless.


Your new pool and its inviting landscaping are ideally suited for all types of gatherings, even those that don’t center around water activity. Infuse those traditionally indoor activities with a sense of fun when you move them to your new outdoor living space.

Family dinners look more like family vacations when they take place poolside. Leave the formal feel of your inside dining room behind and trade up to wide open outdoor spaces. Dining in this casual environment creates a more relaxed setting for family and friends, fostering better communication and better connections.

Poolside parties offer an exotic feel to an otherwise suburban setting. Whatever the event, the pool setting fits perfectly with your plans. Twinkling lights and a summer breeze are only enhanced by their proximity to the water.